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Player Appreciation Tournament 4
4 State Entertainment

 Player Appreciation Tournament (PAT #4)
 Platinum Invitational Live Play Championship: 
Awarding up to $20,000 in Casino Tournament play value! Participating Regions include: 482, 481, 181, 302, 301, 303, 402, 401, 561 and 562
Are you eligible?  Must be a WPTAPL member with a complete member profile and valid email address as of September 30th 2013. 

Platinum Invitational Live Play Championship (PAT#4): 
Saturday Oct 5th, 2013 11:30am 
The Pike - Gettysburg PA 
Qualify LIVE June 1st - Sept 30th to play in October!
This event is open to all elgibile members in participating regions!
Earn bonus chips to increase your starting stack!

Plaitnum members - Earn 1K bonus every time you place in the top 3
at a standard weekly event at a participating venue. 

Basic members - Earn 1K bonus for every three, top 3 finishes at 
standard weekly events at participating venues.

Speak with your Promotional Director or visit our Facebook page for more information.  Contact 4 State Entertainment at 
240-440-0543 Email:

Facebook: East Coast Poker Productions LLP World Poker Tour Amateur Poker LeagueTwitter: Eastcoastpoker 1 

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