World Poker Tour League Championship

This event looks to crown the best amateur player in the world and provide them the opportunity to become the next WPT Poker-Made Millionaire


Choose a Country to Locate QUALIFYING Events

Venues and leagues across the country qualify participants all year long to participate in the World Poker Tour League Championship (WPTLC) presented by WPT League. This event is hosted annually and boasts a 1st place prize of a $10,000 WPT Seat and much more!! This event takes place each year inviting all qualified players. This event takes place over multiple days with a variety of daily tournaments leading up to the main event which award entry into the main event as well as other prizes.


2015 World Poker Tour League Championship (WPTLC)

The World Poker Tour League Championship is an annual invitation only event held in the summer each year. The 2015 WPT League Chamionship is the first to offer a buy-in, limited re-entry style event with professional dealers. Coupled with the $35K prize pool overlay offered by WPT League, the player buy-in will allow a prize pool up to $160,000 to and a 1st place prize package estimated at $28,000!! This event is a multi-day tournament hosting a variety of ancillary cash tournaments and cash games to attendees.

WPT League Providers around the world qualify their best players to participate. The goal, to find the best players in the world and hand them their shot at the big time. The WPTLC will award multiple WPT event seats, Cruise vacation packages, cash and more!!

We usually have a few pros stop by and hang out as well, sizing up their future competition. Join us where you could become the next WPTL Champion and win your $10,000 WPT Main Event Seat and or one of the other great prizes

Event Registration and Hotel Booking will open after the Qualification Period ends
(Qualification ends January 31st 2015)

to watch the Aug 22nd 2014 WPT League Update Video regarding the Championship Event on YouTube




Sam Bellinger of New York
2014 World Poker Tour Amateur Champion

2014 WPTAC
April 28th - 30th, 2014
Tropicana Las Vegas

Christian Nicolay of Texas
2013 World Poker Tour Amateur Champion

2013 WPTAC
April 8th - 10th, 2013
Tropicana Las Vegas

Laura Abeyta-Martinez of Colorado
2012 World Poker Tour Amateur Champion

2012 WPTAC
April 2nd - 4th, 2012
Tropicana Las Vegas

Berten Dragten of Colorado
2011 World Poker Tour Amateur Champion

2011 WPTAC
April 20th - 22nd, 2011
Tropicana Las Vegas

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